Cooling and Drying Rental Equipment

Polygon specializes in Temporary Climate Solutions, Document Recovery Services and Emergency Drying Services.

Polygon has built a culture around emergency response and engineered solutions. With the world’s largest fleet of company-owned equipment, experienced personnel and a dedicated 24/7 Customer Support Center, Polygon sets the standard for effective and immediate response.

Whether it is to supply backup HVAC equipment to a malfunctioning building system, test a new product or to regain control of interior conditions after a weather event, Polygon supplies rental equipment to ensure building occupancy and business continuity.

Polygon is the expert in emergency, temporary or short-term humidity and temperature control for construction projects and manufacturing. We provide integrated dehumidification and temperature control equipment for any industrial or commercial project of any size.

Dahlbeckengineering - Cooling and Drying equipment

PDF: Polygon Construction and Industrial Rental Equipment Catalog

Polygon offers packaged cooling equipment from 1.5 to 80 tons

Dahlbeckengineering - Polygon 30 Ton DX Air Conditioner

PDF: Polygon 30 Ton DX Air Conditioner

Polygon offers dehumidifiers from 70 to 15,000 scfmHC-1125 Desiccant Dehumidifier

PDF: HC-1125 Desiccant Dehumidifier

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