Heat Exchangers

Plate heat exchangers from Munters help maximum effectiveness and efficiency to an array of challenging heat-exchange applications from HVAC specialties to your unique industrial need from chemical, medical manufacturers and food processors.

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Plate Heat Exchangers

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Plate heat exchangers are the most maintenance free and long lasting of the air-to-air heat exchangers. Used for dusty or dirty applications, they have integral online cleaning systems, drains, and cleanout panels that provide for low maintenance carefree operation. To protect against frost and ice buildup during winter operation, standard options include the traversing defrost mechanism, the most energy efficient frost control system on the market. There are six basic models of plate heat exchangers; five counterflow Z-DUCT® models and one cross-flow model. The heat exchangers are available as either modular (stand-alone) versions or for integration into a packaged energy recovery system, complete with fans, filters, etc.