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Dahlbeck Engineering Munters

Specializing in Dehumidification and Climate Control

Dahlbeck Engineering Mechanical Dehumidification Systems

Engineering innovative systems meeting our
customer's needs

Dahlbeck Engineering Munter Dehumidification Systems

Offering complete ICA dehumidification systems
for archival storage

Dahlbeck Engineering Applications for the aerospace industry

We work on critical applications for the aerospace industry

Dahlbeck Engineering Navy and Marine Industry benefit from our industrial dehumidifiers

The Navy and marine industry benefit from our
industrial dehumidifiers

Dahlbeck Engineering Systems for biopharma production

Our experience includes air systems for
biopharma production

Dahlbeck Engineering

Dahlbeckengineering-5-Ton DX Air Conditioner-3

Cooling and Drying Rental Equipment

  • Rental dehumidifiers, AC, chillers, filtration, fans & heaters
  • Polygon service technicians will start-up and maintain
  • Rent a dehumidifier before you buy

For Demanding Humidity Measurement

Vaisala Humidity Transmitters

  • Humidity measurements in critical applications
  • Variety of configurations and probes
  • Useful for monitoring and control

Desiccant / Mechanical Dehumidification Systems

Desiccant / Mechanical Dehumidification Systems

  • Double Wall Option
  • Custom Designed Integrated Systems
  • Stand-alone Dehumidifiers with Gas, Steam, Electric heat


Off-the-shelf Dehumidifiers

  • 30-300 SCFM available
  • Efficient and compact
  • Excellent for archival storage
  • Excellent for walk-in coolers and test chambers