Evaporative Cooling Systems

  • Air Conditioning for Dry Climates
  • Models Available to 100,000 SCFM
  • Can lower the Incoming Air Temperature by 30 degrees Fahrenheit

For Demanding Humidity Measurement

Vaisala Humidity Transmitters

  • Humidity measurements in critical applications
  • Variety of configurations and probes
  • Useful for monitoring and control

Desiccant / Mechanical Dehumidification Systems

  • Double Wall Option
  • Custom Designed Integrated Systems
  • Stand-alone Dehumidifiers with Gas, Steam, Electric heat


Off-the-shelf Dehumidifiers

  • 30-300 SCFM available
  • Efficient and compact
  • Excellent for archival storage
  • Excellent for walk-in coolers and test chambers