At Dahlbeck, we represent top of the line humidification systems by American Research Products (ARP).  Coupled with the energy savings, ARP systems require less routine maintenance than other humidification or evaporative cooling technologies.


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Energy efficient high pressure humidification systems by American Research Products


Achieve humidity control without using steam. Manifolds may be installed in air handling units for evaporative cooling or to maintain a minimum humidity level.  There is no heat added, the airstream cools down from the adiabatic absorption process.

  • Capacity range from 50 to 3500 lbs/hr.
  • High pressure water lubricated pump with VFD
  • Stainless steel nozzles
  • RO water treatment included

Please see the brochure for further information.

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Evaporative Cooled Condenser

  • Cuts mechanical system energy costs
  • Increases existing equipment cooling capacities
  • Increases compressor life
  • Reduces condenser foot print on new projects

Please see the flyer.

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