Manufacturers today are dealing with rapidly escalating energy costs and commitments to consumers to reduce their environmental impact. As a representative of Munters we help manufacturers meet this challenge with its line of Des Champs premium quality energy-recovery, precision air-conditioning, and mechanical dehumidification equipment. Constant innovation is necessary to meet the changing requirements of our customers. With our dedicated research and development team, Munters is committed to designing and manufacturing products that allow users to save energy with environmentally friendly technology.

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  • Designed to Handle Airflows Between 600 SCFM and 5,000 SCFMSCFM and 5,000 SCFM
  • Energy-Recovery Efficiency of 60%
  • Single Wall Construction with Heating Only Options
  • High-Efficiency Z-Duct Aluminum Heat Exchanger


  • Aluminum Cross-Flow Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger
  • Energy Recovery Technology Extracts Heat or Cooling Energy from the Outgoing Exhaust air and transfers that energy to the incoming fresh air
  • Capacities from 500 SCFM to 40,000 SCFM are available


  • Units Feature Single Wall Construction
  • High Efficiency Aluminum Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger
  • Unit Capacities Range from 600 SCFM to 4,000 SCFM
  • Nominal 0.50″ W.C. External Static Pressure
  • Available in Two Series, each Series has Five Models that offer 70% to 85% Sensible Energy Recovery Effectiveness


  • Can be used for any industrial application with exhaust air and a need for outdoor air
  • Aluminum Z-DUCT plate-type, energy-saving heat exchanger
  • Heavy-duty Double Wall Construction
  • Systems with Capacities from 1,000 SCFM to 25,000 SCFM Available


  • Custom Packaged Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Systems
  • Available Choice between Energy-Saving Z-Duct Plate-Type, Heat Pipe or Rotary Heat Exchangers
  • Offers Unmatched Flexibility in Design with Versatile Unit Configurations
  • Capacities Ranging from 500 SCFM to 100,000 SCFM